About Me & You

Hi my name is Lieke. Here is how I see it. Being a woman makes you different in a male-dominated work environment. It can make you doubt yourself and think there is something wrong with you.

Here, you have two choices. Keep believing that and stay stagnant and unhappy or choose to no longer ignore the inner calling you feel to completely embrace yourself. You as a mother AND your own magical, female powers.

I’ve spend years in the financial industry, as an advisor for budget and planning. Questioning myself and feeling like I was not fitting in with the smart guys. They knew all the facts by heart and it seemed they had it all figured out. I was different. I picked up energy from others, seeing the bigger picture and seeing possibilities that were better for all of us. I started using my amazing talent, for listening and translating peoples needs for simplicity. I did that by making finances easy for people who were not financially educated. Here is my take on the world: Why make it hard if it can be easy?

Through personal development training, I started to recognize how unique I was. But I needed to stop trying to fit in and embrace myself fully. I decided to be a certified coach, specialized in personal success and transformation.

I had the courage to make the bold choice to change my career, quit my job, move to Australia with my family, in a whole new business, language and industry. I can tell you, that wasn’t always easy. I learned that business is a journey with ups and downs. The breakdowns were those moments that helped me get the breakthroughs. And every time I fall flat on my face, I needed to dust myself off and get back up. Learn from it, and try again. And again.

As a coach, it now is my greatest joy to profoundly change the lives of other women, who, with my guidance, have the courage to reconnect with their heart and follow their gut feeling. They feel confident enough to quit unfulfilling jobs, eliminate stress and panic attacks from their life, change their haircolor and feel joyful again! And most importantly, they stopped the worry and doubt and are reconnected with themselves. They know they have their superpowers inside them, intuition, trust, guidance. They know what they want and have the courage to move forward. They stop PLANNING and actually start with their business ideas which makes their hearts finally sing again! Without the constant stress and doubt and in a way that supports them and their families.

Don’t waste any more time.

Will it be one day or day one?

My 3 months coaching program is unique and I combine my superpower as a coach with my talent to make things easy for you where they seem hard! So how does this work?

Step 1 Decide
Know where you are heading to, your North Star.

Step 2 Declutter
Transform the internal chit chat that keeps you worried, insecure and in your head.

Step 3 Built
Set up a personalized daily structure for a solid foundation: AKA your health!

Step 4 Act
Set goals. Get started. Get results.

Step 5 Celebrate!
And repeat.

You will walk away with:

√ Having strategies in place to stay away from stress and worries

√ Apply simple tricks you can use every day so you have healthy routines that support your goals

√ Not shying away from your finances and see it as your friend to more abundance

√ Strengthen your intimate relationships (with self and others) so they can support you

√ Gain clarity around your potential business idea and where you can take it

√ Feel inner peace and freedom because you stop trying to live by someone else’s rules

All with the ultimate goal, to stop having doubts and enjoy having a family and using your female superpowers in your profession!

Seems like too much to ask for? Nope. It is all possible. All you have to do is give yourself permission, right now, that you are ready to be the best version of yourself.

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take and the decisions we waited too long to make”

This program is for you if you are done with waiting. Show yourself you are serious. You are only one step away from changing your future. You can take that first step NOW and have an obligation free chat with me to see what that North star would look like for you.

I am looking forward to connect!