“I really don’t think I can do this, it is way too hard.”
“How can I ever make it work, to have kids and then spending time on trying to get my business idea from the ground”
“I would not have a clue where to start”

I hear you, I get you.

I have been there. Changing career and pursuing an new profession, is not a picnic.

But to be honest, is being where you are a not a pain either? Beating yourself up, wondering what is wrong with you. Seeing your birthday coming up and realizing you are not getting any younger either…

Reinventing your profession is not an overnight thing. And we can get pretty much caught up with it, right?

The thing that you must realize, you can have a family and a profession or business you enjoy and feel passionate about. As long as you got the foundations and structure in place to be in control of your own health, your family and your profession.

It is not rocket science once you connect the dots.

Let me help you make it easy where it seems hard. It can be day one or one day. Up to you.

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Lieke Jansen