What your pain is really telling you

Your neck is stiff
Your chest feels tight
Your tummy feels off
Your head is exploding
Your back feels like it is gonna breaks in half soon
But you keep on going. You are so used to it, it has become your normal.
I don’t think I really have to tell you but, pssst…. it isn’t normal.
But go on. Keep on going. Why wouldn’t you? It is how you are supposed to right? (An ever bigger PSSSTTTT) no you don’t have to!
Where is your heart located? Within your body right? And where are hanging out most of the time? A small guess… properly in your head. Worrying, overthinking and planning. Ignoring the red signal lights.
And that doesn’t mean go out on a camping trips in the woods for weeks. No.
It is about taking time to reconnect with self. With your body.
🦋 Take a small walk and feel the fresh air
💌 Spend some time with a loved one
🤣Laugh your ass off with a friend
🧚‍♀️Listen to a meditation and go inwards for a bit
It really isn’t about big changes. It is about you tapping into… you.
Forgetting others for a while and listen to what your body would love to, right here and now.
Please don’t keep going around in circles or overthink what you want. Just take a few deep breathes, connect, feel and go and do it. Not getting any further with that? Send me an email lieke@innerpowersolutions.com.au so we can have a chat what is going on. You know the doctor isn’t gonna help you, you will have to take the first step to help yourself.
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