Do what you value. Full stop.

You are tired from a busy day and you choose to sit down with your legs up.

When you are sitting, your mind still goes 100 miles per hour. You notice all the things still to be done and now you are sitting. JUST sitting. Doing nothing.

And I get it, I have been there. running around all day doing everything that was coming my way. With doing the inner work, I was able to sort out the things that matter to ME the most.

But what if you can’t seem to escape that stressful feeling and shake it off?

Start small. Start noticing during the day what it is you truly value. Check in with yourself, because trust me, your body is giving you signals when you keep doing things that are out of alignment. If you try to squeeze even more in your day while your body just needs a break. Your body might have lots of stress hormones in its blood. This will automatically tries to
“keep you going” just because it is used to that feeling.

Better not. Put your foot up. Relax! And without something to do (don’t cheat, no phones as well!) just sit there and wonder, what is truly important to me? What do I value most? And if that is hard, what is it I can’t live without?

I share with you this meditation. This mediation will help you connect to what is joyful and important to you. Focus more on that. Incorporate that into you day so you feel way more aligned AND satisfied when you sit down. Because you know you did the things that are important to you. And the rest… the rest… why bother?

If you notice you just can’t seem to shake of that stressful feeling when you try to relax, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just hit reply and we will set up a chat.

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