Stressed or calm?

School holiday is a time for the kids to unwind and relax. Having the kids around for two weeks isn’t always so relaxed for us mums 😉.

Arguments, being bored, rain, it can all get in the way of peaceful holidays. And if you are ambitious and try to get some work done… applause to you.

Off course, the iPad is a gift send from heaven when you need some peace and quiet for a bit. But you can’t keep going there. Being able to get some stuff done, is challenging. It can be doing stuff in your house or getting work done, being distracted all the time isn’t helping.

So the thing that keeps my sanity, even in the holidays, is being truthful to my daily habits and rituals. Take 10 minutes in the morning to write down what really needs to be done. Texts some mums for playdates or book a late afternoon cinema. Structure is key. So I know what needs to be done without a doubt and skip all those things that can wait. If I don’t skip them consciously, I will feel guilty all day and that is not helping me to enjoy the time with the kids.

Have you tried to-do-list and prioritizing? Are you not getting any further with feeling calm? Do you notice you yell way to much and feel like you need to catch up on everything all the time?

I see you. Having ambitions for yourself and managing a family can be pretty stressful. Don’t let it steal your thunder! If you feel ready, send me an email: and we can have an obligation free chat to see if I can help you set up a structure that suits your schedule. Stress and guilt free so you can get things done and feel calm along the way!

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