Slowing you down

Being far away from your family can be something that is holding you back if you want to set up a business or a job.
“I have no one to fall back on”
“I never know if we will move back”
“I don’t even have a network”

And when you have all those voices to listen to, you slow yourself down. You will always be waiting for permission and don’ t start at all.

So what can you do about it?
1.Hide, slow yourself down, feel bad
2.Get help and change the way you look at those voices

I worked with a lady who kept thinking about her cool business idea. On the other hand, she was never sure if she would stay in Australia. So she never started. I guided her through this and she felt light and relieved. Now she works for herself and earns money with her business and is home for her children.

Change doesn’t have to take long. Once you had enough, it is my time, healing can happen in a heartbeat. You just need someone to guide you through the process. This lady felt instant lightness and was able to show up in her business knowing this was her calling and she was totally worth it.

If you notice constant chit chat in your head and would love to move through this, then I can recommend you to set up a 45 minute virtual coffee chat where I will gift you an assessment about what is going on and create awareness what you might not be seeing yet to shift to joy and consistent small successes. Just send me an and we will set this up.

And I see you, some days a small win is just finding 30 minutes to work on your amazing business idea. Don’t let the voices in your head keep you from it.

Don’t let these voices be the sand-backs to keep your air-balloon on the ground. It is time to take off!

Looking forward to connect!

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