The guilt trip

I greet you today from beautiful Bali. What a magnificent Island whit lovely people and stunning nature.
I am away for over a week and before I jumped on the plain, someone said to me: “ Oh how indulgent, I would never leave my children for so long”.

Hmm. Ok. Thanks. Like I was the bad mum.

Before I worked on my mindset, I would have instantly felt bad. Would have doubt myself and started to defend myself.

The trap most mums are caught up in, the never ending guilt trip. And if I wouldn’t have shifted this habit to go straight into this guilt trip, I would have felt horrible.

But I didn’t . I only smiled back and felt emotionally stable and moved on with my day.

I can fully embrace myself and know the steps to stay guilt free and let it go.

If you notice that you take the highway for a painful guilt trip quite a lot, l would invite you for a 30 minute virtual coffee chat. I will gift you with an assessment what is in your way and can tell you more about how my program will help you with your mindset and teaches you the steps to stay guilt free.

I am off to a divine spa day today and I will unapologetically enjoy it!

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