Crawl into a corner…

Spreading my gift can feel freaking scary.

I want to crawl into a corner, hid or even walk away from it.

Being in another country with another language in a new community… what was I thinking? I can get in my own way big time.

I love watching inspiring videos on Facebook and I like it as a way to communicate in a real way with you.

But OMG what if you don’t like it? Do you know what a scary feeling it is when I poor my heart and am never sure if even one soul will like it? I can feel like a failure and start to tell myself all kinds of things. The content wasn’t appealing, I might have been lost for words, she might see that I don’t have all my shit together…one voice tries to shout even louder than the other. Freak show!

But the most weird and freaky thing is, I can’t stop.

I know I am on this earth to serve you.
To be present for your story.
To help you find your definition of success and life by it.
To help you stop hiding.
To give you the healing you need to be able to move on.
To teach you how to embrace your feminine power and be able to make your dreams a reality.
To let you see what a beautiful gift you have and are.
To make you a success, in your own, personal way.
To ditch being perfect and fearful and lead with joy.

So I still show up. For you. Say nasty words to my fear and still do it. One step at the time.

In my definition of success, I coach and I am there for my children. To give all the women I coach the present and ongoing support they deserve, I only have three spots available at the moment to work with me 1-1 next school term.

If you notice that you might be hiding your true gift, I can recommend you to set up a 30 minute chat where I will gift you an assessment about what is going on and create awareness what you might not be seeing yet to be able to fully show up. Say nasty words to your fear, send me a Facebook message and I will set it up!

Share your gift.
Let’s play with joy.
The world is waiting for your sparkle.

Looking forward to connect!

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