Keep planning or… give it a go?

Having a cool business idea, something you have been thinking about for a longgg time.

Being able to express yourself and be able to combine that with your family. So many women have great ideas, starting with planning, seeing the whole business in their imagination, but still sit on the fence… Maybe for so long now that they even till the point that the song inside them start to fade…

Looking for cool business logos and house colors is not actually having a business honey. It is you hiding for letting others know that this is where you stand for. That this is your area of brilliance and you are dying to share with the word.

I see you. I have been there. And I am still there from time to time. Moving away from your credibility, experience and diploma’s you have at the moment is seriously scary.
What if … no one out there want your service?
What if… others start talking about you?
What if… it will fail?
What if… people will even laugh at you for that?

Mind farts that keeps you awake and procrastinate. And the worst, keep you SMALL. Not helping the world to let your light shine. Shine bright to help others and to seriously make the word a better place.

If you want to find out how to stop sitting on the fence, watch this video now. ( Spoiler alert: You might actually feel the urge to really start running your service. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😊 )

Looking forward to see you sparkle!

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