Hi, I am Lieke!

I lived a life that felt pretty OK. But once I realized that I can choose to either let my life “happen” or take charge and create it myself, the sky opened up!

Drum rolls… Are you ready for YOUR adventure?

I can hear you think…

Yeah, maybe next month… then I’ll get to it… when I have less on my mind…

But my love, that is not gonna happen. There is never a better time. And life will always throw stuff at you.

All fine. But maybe, when I am less busy…

For sure. And if you feel all over the place, you will stay there until you get it.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. You only get one shot.

Let’s figure out where you are now. From there, let’s dust of your dreams, your hidden desires! Let’s go on your big adventure!

Then we’ll make sure we get all your fears out of the way. Then you can go from feeling anxious to feeling excited!

Sooo, it is up to you. Think about it a bit longer? Wait until you feel better?

Let’s book in a chat and let’s get excited!

Are you ready to live your life to the fullest?

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BS Alert

Yesterday a mum told me:” Oooh, having kids is sooo rewarding!”. BS ALERT! Yes, having kids is a calling and I would do anything for them, but just shouting that, tells me there is more going on. I love this …

There is nothing wrong with you…

Being a mum, being a wife, being a daughter, being a friend, being a sister, being a business owner or an employee… OMG it can be sooo stressful! Like you never, ever can keep all the balls in the air …

Today I would like you to give yourself permission. Permission to just give it a go and not knowing if it will be good Permission to take a long, hot bath with your favorite book Permission to yell at your …


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